By defining the business’ core and personality values, a logo, branded collateral and website have come together to assert a professional yet humanist brand.

This was my first full branding project, and through the process of creating the range of branded applications for the client I have learned much about design processes, printing and client communication.

Collateral provided for the client included branded stationery, full brand style guide, custom responsive wordpress website and signage for the client’s new clinic.

Metabolic Fitness Centre Branding


Over a 6 month period, the Metabolic Fitness Centre brand has been completely overhauled.

With new branding focusing on the tenets of the centre: resilience, perseverance and balance, the brand has extended through vinyl window signage, street signage and new branded collateral including marketing flyers, business cards, tri-fold brochures, loyalty  cards and a new responsive wordpress website.

See the website here:

Greenstar Technologies Marketing Collateral


These clients are specialists in home automation. Over the past 2 years they have commissioned branded collateral and marketing material. These include but are not limited to: marketing mailouts, coreflute signage, car and truck vinyl signage, magazine ads, responsive web design and promotional videos for the different aspects of the business.

You can see some of the videos by clicking the links below.

Architectural photography supplied by client.



Jenny Robinson Creative Design branding and collateral


This project required a new logo, responsive one-page website and promotional flyer for the client’s fashion label and designs.

Recycled paper, eco-friendly inks  and a warm and inviting colour palette coupled with professional photography brought a refined and professional look to the authentic, hand-made nature of the client’s work.

Pneumatic Power flyers and web design


Beginning with a transition to the online Shopify store platform with a responsive web design, Pneumatic Power has become a consistent client, returning for quarterly promotional flyer designs.

Paper Architecture


The yearly Victorian Architecture Awards showcase many of the best architectural designs from different categories in Victoria.

This A0 poster illustrates the eye-catching brickwork of the Little Brick Studio through repeatable pattern and the contrast of shadows.



Future-technology giant Babel Electronics required some depth of exploration for their identity and application.

A Japanese-anime style logo conveys futurism, and simple identity collateral illustrates their minimalist approach
to robotics. Each year Babel participates in exhibitions and have reduced their presence to a ubiquitous design that allows them to showcase their latest models to the greatest effect.



Tasked with investigating user interface design, my aim branched into industrial design as I looked into what improvements, in my opinion,  could be made to the current iMac and iPad. Slim-line designs and durable materials influenced the aesthetic of my designs while practical features which I would like to see in desktop and tablet designs informed the structure of the devices. A desktop which folds into a large tablet device and an tablet with multiple functions are the main two improvements.

MUMA Brochure


Challenged with setting a high-content semester’s museum program onto a single brochure for the Monash University Museum of Art allowed a creative output.

Drawing from visual and architectural elements in the museum itself influenced the shapes and visual outcome of the brochure.

Prato Posters


One of the best experiences of my life came through the opportunity to travel to Prato, Italy with Monash. My world view expanded and it enabled me to experience many new design influences and ideas. This poster series is drawn from my first communication back to Australia and the marvel that I experienced on my first days in Prato. Simple typography combined with abstract renders creates a dynamic and eye-catching poster series.