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One Heart Cardiology

One Heart Cardiology Website

Project Details

This project was undertaken while working as web/graphic designer at Design on Demand.

This fully-featured WordPress website was designed from the ground up for one of Melbourne’s leading cardiology clinics.

The website functions as a centre for learning about the various heart conditions that patients may suffer from, and that the clinic treats. The process was long and covered each stage of a complete website process.

Beginning with the information architecture of the site we determined the content and structure that would be required, and devised the most logical and user-friendly flow that the information could take. Moving into the wireframe process allowed the client to apply direction to the content of the site without being distracted by images, colour or fonts, which allowed the site’s function to be optimised before moving into design.

During the design phase we undertook writing a photography brief, creating 3D images and sourcing a range of stock photos for use across the site. Working in-house with a developer meant that the functionality of the site could be nuanced in favour of the user, along with all of the appropriate measures taken to ensure that the site functions well on desktop, ipad or mobile screen sizes.

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Skills Utilised

  • Information Architecture Development
  • UX Design
  • Wireframing
  • Responsive Design
  • Project Management
  • Content Management
  • Image Editing
  • Photography Briefing
  • 3D Rendering
  • Client Meetings & Correspondence
  • Studio Design Process